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We grow our own products!

Get the value and quality your outdoors deserve

Get the value and quality your outdoors deserve

Haviland Farms - Locally grown nursery plants

Located just 30 minutes away from our store in White Plains, Haviland Farms is our own local growing facility that produces some of the products found at Prospero Nursery. Sprawling over 30 acres, the farm has 40 cold frames where we grow container material, shrubs, trees and perennials.

Growing our own material allows us to offer better pricing and pass on the savings to our valued customers. The location of the Haviland Farms offers the convenience to order and ship to a job site on the same day.

Overseen by our professional staff and skilled in-house quality control team
at Haviland  Farms also has the ability to execute a custom growing contract for a future nursery project.

Prospero Nursery

Prospero Nursery delivers high-quality nursery and landscaping supplies at your work site. Get the Prospero advantage!

From estimation to execution, Prospero Nursery brings complete solutions for your landscaping project.